Introducing Our Dual-Path Strategy to Elevate Your: Inspiration and Activation

We are excited to announce a refined approach in our journey toward personal growth and joy. Following on from feedback from our community members and recognizing the distinct roles of inspiration and activation in achieving lasting change, we have crafted a dual-path strategy. Each month, we now focus on one Joy Ingredient, offering a rich tapestry of inspiration through dedicated forum threads released every Monday and Wednesday. These threads are designed to fuel your enthusiasm and provide a constant stream of inspiration.


Complementing this, we introduce our comprehensive 8-week Joy Power Plans for active work on a certain ingredient. These meticulously crafted programs are more than just a series of tasks; they are a transformative journey. Starting with simpler activities and gradually increasing in complexity, they encourage reflection and foster a deep, personal sense of achievement and joy.


Additionally, bridging the gap between inspiration and long-term activation is our newly integrated feature: the Daily Activation Calendar. This tool serves as a subtle yet powerful daily nudge, offering simple tasks that collectively pave the way for significant change. The 30-day calendar offers very simple tasks; the more you complete and mark them completed on the platform, the greater your chance to be a sweepstake winner of the Activation Calendar Challenge!


Together, these elements form a cohesive system where inspiration and activation interplay seamlessly. While the Inspiration Ingredients open the door to new ideas and perspectives, the Joy Power Plans and Daily Calendars translate this inspiration into tangible, actionable steps. This dual approach ensures that our members are not only inspired but also equipped with the tools and structure necessary to actualize the joy and change they seek in their lives.

We are excited to introduce you to the first inspiration and activation theme we are launching on January 29 on the Joy Ingredient of spiritual learning. We invite you to dive into the Joy Superpowers of gratitude, freedom, kindness, love and purpose guided by our distinguished experts on these topics.


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