Kindness and Joy with Mariah and Byron Edgington

Random acts of kindness done joyfully have a far-reaching ripple effect. Have you recently witnessed something spectacular? Celebrate and spread it! Be on the lookout and watch for these things to transpire, elevating your entire day. Then, share what you’ve witnessed. This will not only add joy to the person you tell it will also elevate your mood once again! Think of simple ways you can lift others using this method. When we make a positive impact on others in our lives, especially through random acts of kindness, joy will spread to all around. The more people we touch, the more we can prove that kindness and joy are the way!

Here’s a new twist on the Kindness and Joy journey. Find ways to improve your own state of kindness and see if it builds more joy in your life. If it does, not only will you have something to celebrate, but you can also pass it on to others.

We’ve heard ‘done is better than perfect’, yet how many of us fear the ‘not good enough’ rattling around in our brains? Adding the kindness and joy factor into this analogy brings a new dimension. Try this one, “Here’s my project. It’s not only done; I finished it giving myself the kindness of knowing I created it with joy. Full stop. Done with Joy & Kindness is way better than perfect. 

So, what about treating yourself with more kindness to create a more joy-filled life experience? If you’re scratching your head wondering if this is even possible, do your own experiment. Keep a gratitude journal for a month and note the acts of kindness you give and receive. During that month note the amount of joy you felt each day. You may be surprised at the correlation. 

We’d love to hear about other ways you’ve incorporated Joy & Kindness into your life and how that’s making a positive impact, for you and those around you. 

Find out more through Mariah’s website or Byron’s website and harness the power of Kindness in your own life today!

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