Joyful Insights: May 2022 Recap

In May we had four wonderful guests on the Art and Science of Joy podcast. Below we’ve made a summary of the key points from each episode. We hope you enjoy these joyful insights!

Mental health counselor, or as she prefers it, “life coach,” Dr. Zahra focuses on “inner-healing”, beyond simple “band-aid treatment,” with the aim of delving deeper into the human psyche. Through exposure to different cultures, Dr. Zahra has gained a lot of insight into universal healing, now used in her work as a psychotherapist; insights she was happy to share with us.

A universal issue that Dr. Zahra worries about peoples’ deteriorating mental health, accelerated by the pandemic, noticeable in the increase of stress in all forms; “as a form of anxiety, as negative thoughts, as rumination.” The pandemic has shone a light on issues that have been brewing under the surface even before the pandemic, such as negativity regarding one’s place in the world, now leading to the re-evaluation of priorities and a mass exodus at workplaces; this change may not be altogether bad, Dr. Zahra finds, as in unfulfilling work “you are devoting 40 hours a week … to something which is not good for you, so that you can earn money; but you cannot earn back health and the time that you’ve wasted.”

Dr. Zahra suggests the adoption of the Five P’s (passion, purpose, perseverance, positivity and progress), the pillars of her approach to a healthy mental state. Perfection, another P, another driving force very present in workplaces, is attainable through failure and challenges – it cannot however be a foundation for a healthy life. Neither can pure positivity for that matter – negativity and pessimism is natural; one must not deny this nature, but refocus on positivity. Choose the good, and progress will follow. (The episode can be found following this link!) You can follow Zahra on her LinkedIn or check out her website!

When Rachel Cole  and her family were told to evacuate their house,  as the neighborhood was engulfed by flames, an automatic response to save things of sentimental value took over; the wedding album, and a personalized autograph picture of Maltster Beck. Despite the traumatic event that forced the family to relocate, the “unit” of four worked together to overcome the challenge – it might take years to get back to where things were; the essentials, however, are safe – the family is safe, together.

Choosing happiness is not easy, not just “lively, skipping along ignoring things; it is handling what you have to handle in your life and making the choice to see it one way or another.” Despite tragedy, there’s a lot to be grateful for, a lot to smile about. (More of this can be found following this link!)

To find out more about Rachel and her work, visit her website or find her on Instagram and Facebook via her social media handle @rcchoosehappy!

Rochel Marie Lawson, the business owner of Registered Nurse, the creator of The Unstoppable Women’s Summit, known also as The Queen of Feeling Fabulous, spoke to us about purpose, the “God given divinity mission.” Purpose manifests itself in mysterious ways, and the discovery of said purpose may come gradually, and be built on your pre-existing talents; eventually, purpose might also build others up, as in the case of Rochelle, whose summit aims to amplify women’s voices.

Purpose, a key to a joy filled life, may be difficult to locate; according to some statistics brought up by Rochel, only ¼ of American adults have a clear sense of purpose. This may come from “external noise that we get bombarded with,” but also from the lack of accepting one’s purpose, or lack of understanding it; purpose isn’t always glamorous, and it may change with time, the way you yourself change; growth itself, in tandem with others, can itself be a universal purpose of humanity.

Listen to the full episode here. You can find out more on Rochel Lawson here!

“Be yourself, everybody else is taken,” is a motto that Toni McClelland, founder of the compassionate business and leadership framework, can get behind. Authenticity seems to be in short supply these days, but to McClelland it’s a valuable element to a company. Being authentic and earnest with oneself, and one’s own abilities, may help one navigate the complex networks of a company. Authenticity and self-awareness; two traits that may not spring to mind as key  elements of a great leader, but knowledge of one’s weaknesses and showing one’s authentic personality is important when leading, and perhaps more importantly, when inspiring others. Be true, and others will follow suit.

Listen to the full episode here! You can learn more about Toni and her work from her website, or from her Linkedin!

Once again, we would like to send a big thank you to our guests. Each one has shared incredible stories and valuable tips as they join our journey to bring more joy to people’s lives. More great content is on the horizon; follow us on our Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and subscribe to our podcasts to keep up with latest episodes and updates!

Join our journey, find the joy within!

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