Episode recap: Purpose with Rochel Marie Lawson

In this week’s episode, we had the pleasure to chat with Rochel Marie Lawson about the Joy Superpower of Purpose.

Known as the Queen of Feeling Fabulous, Rochel Marie Lawson is a successful business owner, Registered Nurse, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Dream Lifestyle Transformation Facilitator and Author. Rochel is a speaker and radio show hostess, and founder and president of Blissful Living 4 U, which was founded to bring wellness, wisdom and wealth into the lives of individuals seeking a holistic path to living the life of their Dreams.

Rochel has been named one of the Top 50 Women-Owned Businesses in Silicon Valley and the creator of The Brave, Bold, Unstoppable Women’s Summit.

Here are the key points Rochel shared with us.

Everyone has a purpose

According to Rochel everyone has a purpose. It might take us a while to discover what our purpose is, but it’s there nonetheless there:

“Purpose is your God given divinity mission, here on life, and everyone has a God given mission”.

It’s what we are here on earth to do. Living our lives, we are walking down a path so to speak, and the things that happen in our life, actually are happening to drive us towards discovering our purpose.

Rochel discovered her own purpose as a little girl, and that purpose was to take care of people. Over the years, the way that purpose shows itself in Rochel’s life has evolved, but fundamentally the purpose of caring for other people remains unchanged. Nowadays, Rochel lives her purpose by helping others to elevate their life and step into living their dream life by balancing the pillars of wellness, wisdom and wealth.

The chances are you are already living your purpose

Finding and living one’s purpose is a key ingredient to living a joy-filled life and the stats tell us that many people are struggling in this respect: according to a study quoted in the New York Times only one in four American adults say that they have a clear sense of purpose, of what makes their life meaningful.

Rochel believes that many people struggle to find their purpose because of all the exterior noise that we get bombarded with. Our purpose isn’t always positive; it can be neutral or even negative. One reason people struggle with their purpose is because of their false belief that it is all about them. It is not, at least not in isolation. Our purpose is about us and others, a reflection on how we impact and change others as much as ourselves. Many of us have forgotten that we are all connected, that everybody has a piece of the universe or energy within the universe within us and that we’re all connected in that way.

So just the realization that our purpose doesn’t always have to be positive, it doesn’t always have to be beautiful, helps. It doesn’t have to be that shiny, golden big diamond, It could be that lowly piece of coal that might turn into that big diamond, but it has to go through some things to get there. Rochel believes that a lot of people struggle, because they’re living their purpose already, but they just don’t realize it, because they want to create an unrealistic vision of their purpose expecting it always to be pretty, and packaged, like a Tiffany’s jewelry box.

“if you dig a little deeper, and you connect with the divine and ask, it will be revealed to you because everything is revealed in divine timing.”

Think of your life as a river

Rochel advises us to embrace the ebb and flow of life. If we try and stop the flow, we cause all kind of stuff to happen when we dam it up, but that’s not the natural progression of the river; our lives, like the river, is meant to ebb and flow. To ebb and flow is to receive, with blessing, to process internally, and give back or forwards to others with blessing as we go on our journey.

Rochel reminds us to see other people’s lives in terms of ebbing and flowing rivers too, especially when it comes to social media, and advises us not to compare our lives to the highlights other people post of theirs on social media.

Rochel invites us to connect to Earth, nature, the divine; to wake up and be thankful for the small things in our lives. Rochel says that will help us to connect more into the Divinity and the Divinity our purpose: it will open up a gateway for so many things, and we’ll start to see life as more beautiful, even the challenging times, we’ll start to see those as more beautiful too, because without challenge, there’s no growth, there’s no moving forward.

Live a life of Bliss

Rochel helps people balance the pillars of wellness, wisdom and wealth to live a joyful life of bliss and advises us to start by focusing on wellness: when are strong physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, we do become unstoppable. And if we have the right mindset to embrace all the goodness within us it helps us to stay healthy and well. Wealth then becomes whatever we want it to be, and it becomes like a magnet to us, it magnetizes to us.

Rochel reminds us that our lives are divine, our souls precious. And when we really, truly understand that we are a gift to the world, no matter where we may be on our journey, we are on the path to Bliss. When we understand that we truly are a gift, then the whole world becomes our apple, so to speak.

“Love, honor, cherish and brace yourself for the beautiful gift that you are to the world. And when you do that, you can be the best that you can be for those in the world that you’re meant to serve.”

Rochel’s three top tips:

  1. Look after your wellbeing. Put yourself first, so that you can be the best that you can be for everybody that you love and care about..
  2. Spend time doing things you love and let go of the things you don’t.
  3. Don’t get caught up in the external world and what’s happening in the external world, and the external expectations placed upon you.

Our chat with Rochel ended with Rochel reading out a beautiful quote:

“So I will be patient and trust in divine timing for all things in my life, I will let go of attachment to specific timeframes or timelines or comparison to others for things to unfold in my life and allow the divine to guide me through the divine timing instead.”

We hope you are inspired by this recap of our chat with Rachele to go live your own purpose and in doing so bring more joy not only to your own life but also to the lives of others.

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