Episode recap: Leading With Values with MaryBeth Hyland

MaryBeth is the founder and chief visionary of SparkVision and the author of “Permission to Be Human: The Conscious Leader’s Guide To Creating a Values-Driven Culture”. Her personal mission in life is to create spaces where voices are heard, stories are released and alignment is ignited.

MaryBeth’s recent awards include Circle of Excellence, Innovator of the Year, Top 100 Women, Civic Engagement Leader and Leading Women.

You can follow her journey on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Some of the major themes that were discussed during the episode were the the importance of authenticity and inner harmony, our values being our intrinsic motivators, the importance of considering values at a workplace and giving yourself the permission to be human in the process of leading with values.

MaryBeth highlights that the core value that has created the biggest sense of inner harmony and alignment for herself was the value of authenticity. She also talks about matching the outside with the inside and the importance of shutting down wanting to get approval or have other people validate you. It is important to ultimately have authenticity, to ultimately have inner harmony and the quality of life that you want to have.

“Is important to ultimately have authenticity, to ultimately have inner harmony, to ultimately have the quality of life that I want to have.” -MaryBeth Hyland

According to Marybeth, our values work as our intrinsic motivators that live inside of us. They are something that energize us, make us feel alive and give us a sense of purpose. However, if our values are violated, we might feel drained or feel like this is not the correct place, person or experience for me. Therefore, it is very apparent whether our values are in action or whether they are being violated. If we understand our values we can be more intentional with the choices we are making, such as where we are investing our energy and time and who we are in a relationship with. It is also important to think what you are saying yes and no to in a way that actually honors your values and you are not just what other people want or expect of you.

“Values are really our intrinsic motivators.” -MaryBeth Hyland

MaryBeth stresses how people are everything, they are not a means to an end. When you take out that piece, you will not get there you want to go and you are not going to do it in a way that creates sustainability, longevity and connection. We are here to create a better world together and we can not do that if we think that people are just one factor in getting to the solution. It is the whole process of getting there. Therefore, it is important to realize that you need to listen to your people and what they have to say at a workplace and do something about it. She also highlights how it is a missed opportunity on both sides when we are not talking about our individual and shared values as an organization.

“It is a missed opportunity when we are not talking about our individual and our shared values as an organization.” -MaryBeth Hyland

MaryBeth also highlights three topics to take away from her book when it comes to leading with values. Firstly, in order to lead with values you need to start with yourself. You have to understand your own values before asking for other people to do it. Secondly, you need to give yourself permission to be human in the process because it is not going to be quick or easy. Therefore, you need to be kind and gentle with yourself in the process and know that you are not going to do it perfectly. And lastly, honor the process of meeting yourself where you are, not where you want to be.

“You need to give yourself permission to be human in the process.” -MaryBeth Hyland

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