Episode recap: Kindness with Mariah and Byron Edgington

Mariah is a retired nurse, an author and a mindset coach. Byron is a retired commercial helicopter pilot and an award-winning author. In both of their professions they were lifting people up – and they continue to do so in retirement. They have also collaborated on a book called ‘Journey Well, You Are MORE Than Enough’.

You can follow their journeys on Mariah’s LinkedIn and Byron’s Linkedin.

Some of the major themes discussed in this episode are the power of showing kindness to others, the possibility to regain kindness regardless of your past, celebrating yourself as you are and the importance of being grateful for what you have.

Mariah tells how the kindness they have given to someone in different ways, whether it was an action or a physical belonging, did not only affect that person but also themselves and a greater community, creating a ripple effect. Mariah also highlights that when they were able to help others whose needs were greater than theirs in financial terms, it also increased her joyfulness, which makes kindness twofold. Furthermore, Byron stresses that the more they give away in terms of physical objects and money, the more they get back, which also highlights this twofold nature of kindness.

“The more often that we gave kindness in different ways, not only did it affect the person that we were sharing the kindness with, it affected us and also a greater community.” -Mariah Edgington

Mariah also speaks about how we are born with kindness. However, as we grow up, we might go through a lot of hardship and have negative experiences. Nonetheless, she stresses how people are able to choose and make decisions in and around their lives and when they become aware of that, they can change it and regain that innate kindness. It is not easy and takes work, but it is definitely possible.

“Regain the kindness, that innate joy that you were born with.” -Mariah Edgington

Furthermore, Mariah talks about how we need to celebrate ourselves and realize that we really are more than enough. We can absolutely be something that we feel inside and within ourselves: find your own joy. Byron also mentions how some people might not have even thought that they are more than enough, maybe they have never even considered that. That is why they also named their book ‘Journey Well, You Are MORE Than Enough’, so that people would realize it and get that affirmation that they really are more than enough. It implies an unlimited potential.

“Maybe folks have never even thought of that. They say, okay, I’m enough for today. Well, no. You are more than enough.” – Byron Edgington

Additionally, Mariah highlights the importance of gratitude. She stresses that you should take your gratitude for each and every component of your life, even if it is something you do not want right at that moment. Be grateful for what you have, look at what your vision could be and what you are offering to bring to other people.

“You have to take your gratitude for each and every component of your life, even if you do not feel it’s what you want right now. Be grateful for what you have.” –Mariah Edgington

They also mention Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Brene Brown and Anne Lamott as recommendations of people who you can follow if you want to dig deeper into the subject of kindness.

If you are interested in hearing more about this topic, you can listen to this week’s episode on your preferred podcast platform, as well as via this link.

We wish you a joyful weekend!

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