6 tips for navigating the Roaring 20’s

I woke up today with the thought that the 2020’s will go down in history as the Roaring 20’s, the same moniker given to the 1920’s, although for very different reasons.

This decade is already shaping up on to be one of far-reaching transformation on so many levels… political, socio-cultural, economic, environmental, technological… and I sense that the ride is only going to get more wild over the years ahead, so the question I ask myself is how to enjoy the ride, no matter how crazy it gets?

This question inspired me to pen this little thought-piece on how I might best navigate through this period of tumultuous change, and share it just in case others find these reflections useful to them in their own reflections.


1. Stay Humble

One thing this past year has taught me is to be more humble, both in business as well as in life in general. To admit to myself that I don’t have all the answers, or indeed many answers at all. In concrete terms, this means I’ll be spending less time on detailed planning and more time on agile implementation.

2. Think and FEEL outside of the box

I need to get outside of my comfort zone and not simply rely on the past, no matter how recent, to be a good predictor of the future. Even though we have more data than ever to ‘rely’ on, I ask myself how much, and which parts of that data, is a good indicator of future outcomes? What biases, conscious or otherwise, exist in the data?

And I tell myself to look beyond the data. To use my emotional intelligence to guide me in my choices. To make a heart and a head commitment to my decisions.

I challenge myself to also question how good my own past experiences are as a predictor of my future in times of massive change such as these?

3. Follow my purpose

I have strong purpose in my life which is to amplify joy. I remind myself to stand steady and true to that purpose even when the going gets tough. There are going to be many times when I’m going to have to adjust my course as I navigate the seas of change, but when doing so, I should always check to see that the general direction of the compass is aligned to my purpose.

4. Find my tribe

It’s tough to do it alone. Especially during times of massive change, having a sense of genuine belonging helps me get through the tough moments, and I’m likewise able to help others through their tough spot.

To know that I am not alone, but that others walk beside me and are there to lift me up should I stumble, gives me courage and comfort. It’s also a wonderful source of positive energy to know that there are many others who share a passion for the same purpose.

By working and co-creating together, collaborating rather than directly competing, I believe we can create and share wealth beyond what we can do alone.

5. Avoid the echo-chamber

Whilst having a tribe is great, it comes with a risk. The more time I spend with like-minded people, the more I risk becoming blinded to the fact that there are many other tribes out there, with different, but equally valid perspectives, which should be met with respect and empathy.

I remind myself to be curious and open-minded. To ask myself the question: “What might they know and feel that I don’t?”

6. Love, not fear, is the answer

Change is not easy and the uncertainty can cause a feeling of fear. Following the simple belief that if I act out of genuine love for myself, love for others and love for the planet, then everything will work out fine one way or the other, allows me to focus on enjoying the ride without fear.


I hope you find these tips useful as you reflect on your own strategy for dealing with the challenges ahead.

I’d love to hear which of these tips resonate with you and why? And, I love to hear what are your own tips to help us all navigate through the Roaring 20’s?

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