12 inspiring tips to uplift your spiritual wellbeing

In a remarkable gathering of spiritual minds, the recent livestream hosted by The Art and Science of Joy brought together four incredible experts – Mariah Edgington, Robert Mack, Rochel Marie Lawson, and Kelli Swanson Jaecks. Each shared profound insights and practical advice on nurturing spiritual wellbeing. Here are the tips from each expert, accompanied by their quotes that encapsulates the wisdom.


Mariah Edgington:

  • I AM Affirmation Exercise: Mariah emphasizes the power of positive affirmations. Repeating affirmations like “I am smart, I am successful” can profoundly impact your self-perception and wellbeing. Download “I AM Affirmation Exercise” here for free! 
  • Gratitude Journaling: Encourages maintaining a daily gratitude journal, focusing on present blessings and future aspirations.
  • Invest in Self: Instead of consuming negative news, invest time in personal growth and positive activities.


Robert Mack:

  • Focus on Solutions, Not Problems: Robert advises focusing on solutions and peace rather than problems and conflict.
  • Embrace Present Moment Living: Encourages living in the present, embracing childlike faith and joy.
  • Inner Peace Beyond Understanding: He reminds us that true peace transcends understanding and is found within simplicity.


Rochel Marie Lawson:

  • Childlike Joy: Rochel advocates for reconnecting with our inner child to find joy in simple, everyday moments.
  • Embrace New Beginnings: She encourages starting each day with gratitude, seeing it as a new opportunity for joy and fulfillment.
  • Affirmations and Intentions: Suggests using affirmations daily along with setting intentions to turn them into reality.


Kelli Swanson Jaecks:

  • Love Your Inner Child: Kelli stresses the importance of loving and accepting your inner child for spiritual grounding.
  • Allow Joy: She advises allowing yourself to experience joy in its purest form, just like children do.
  • Choose Peace Over Conflict: Recommends choosing personal peace in interactions, focusing on self-control rather than external conflicts.


Brief Summary of the Discussion:

The discussion delved into the essence of spiritual wellbeing, emphasizing gratitude, self-love, and the significance of focusing on the present. The experts shared personal anecdotes, highlighting the importance of inner peace, the power of affirmations, and the joy of reconnecting with one’s inner child. The conversation was a reminder of the profound impact of simple acts of gratitude and kindness on our spiritual health.


This insightful event offered invaluable tools and perspectives for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual wellbeing. The shared wisdom from each expert serves as a beacon, guiding us toward a more fulfilled and joyous existence. 

Watch the full recording of the event here!

Mariah Edgington

"Whoever follows 'I am' follows me."

Robert Mack

"The law of flotation wasn’t discovered by contemplating the sinking of things."

Rochel Marie Lawson

"Each day is a beautiful gift to all of us."

Kelli Swanson Jaecks

"Give grace to your younger self."

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