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This podcast is here to give you inspiration to lead a more joy-filled life. In each episode, I’ll be inviting an expert on a particular Joy Superpower to share their words of wisdom, as we take a look at the science behind the superpower, and explore how you can apply the superpower in your own life. Enjoy and share the joy!

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Discover the Art of Balanced Living with Nina! We’re delighted to have Nina Stenitzer, a holistic Nutritional Therapist, Yoga teacher, and Language Translator, join us in our newest podcast episode. Dive into the world of well-being as Nina shares her unique approach to finding balance in life—nutritionally, physically, and mentally. With her mantra of “Slowly...
Dive Deep into the Science of Immersion with Paul Zak! We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Dr. Paul J. Zak to our latest podcast episode, where we unlock the secrets of 'Immersion,' a concept that has the power to revolutionize your joy and overall well-being.
Tune into our latest podcast episode featuring Larissa Mills, an expert on Balancing Technology! Learn why achieving tech balance at work is crucial for your overall well-being and success. Larissa shares invaluable tips on how you can establish a healthy routine that lets technology enhance, not hinder, your work life.
Dive into this episode of the Year of Joy Podcast as we explore a community member's journey to joy. Join Sally, a 75-year-old realist with Midwestern roots, as she shares how her perspective on joy has evolved through her participation in the Year of Joy community. Uncover the nuances of joy from a unique, realistic...

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