The Art and Science of Joy

This podcast is here to give you inspiration to lead a more joy-filled life. In each episode, I’ll be inviting an expert on a particular Joy Superpower to share their words of wisdom, as we take a look at the science behind the superpower, and explore how you can apply the superpower in your own life. Enjoy and share the joy!



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Welcome to our latest series, Special Episodes! In short, Special Episodes are episodes that don’t quite fit into our usual podcast format, but that we want to share with our listeners anyway because we find them special and inspirational. In the sixth episode of the series, we are looking into the power of Inclusion with […]
In this episode of the Joy Superpowers podcast, I’m talking with guest Vivian Acquah about Nurturing Peer Relationships! As the Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate, Vivian Acquah is committed to making topics related to workplace wellness & DEI accessible to everyone. Vivian’s last name means water, and she is currently busy putting out fires related to […]
Welcome you to the Joy Power Breaks series. In each episode of the series, I’ll be giving you a highlights tour of a superpower which we have recently covered in depth in the Joy Superpowers series.  So why not grab a cup of tea or a coffee, sit back, and enjoy 10 minutes in my […]
In this latest episode of Joy Superpowers, I’m talking with Kai Fuentes about self-love. Kai Fuentes is the President of Ebony Marketing Systems, a multicultural market research team, and a licensed Biofeedback counselor, helping her clients achieve personal, physical, and spiritual growth. You can follow her on LinkedIn! During the episode, we are discussing themes […]

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