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Allow me to bring a big dose of joy to your listeners

Are your listeners desiring to bring more joy into their lives in these challenging times?  Are they concerned about our children’s ability to thrive in an uncertain future? If you answered YES to one or both of these questions, then I could be a great guest for you to have on your podcast.

I’m Andrew Cannon, founder of the Art and Science of Joy, and I am on a mission to empower people to bring more joy into their lives, as well as to the lives of others.

Today, more than ever, many people are struggling to find joy in their lives. Our research tells us that there is no one recipe, no one-size-fits-all solution, for a life of joy, but that there are common ingredients, which are vital to a life of joy: Wellbeing, Belonging, Positive Impact and Fun. And fortunately, there are many tools available to people desire more joy in their lives. Through our research, we have identified 52 Joy Superpowers, which people can pick and choose from to create their very own cocktail of JOY.

I cannot promise a magic pill, or indeed any short-cut to joy, but through sharing my personal story of how I found joy, I can inspire people to open themselves up to finding more joy in their own lives. And through a deep understanding of the science underpinning joy, as well as of the art of living joyfully, I can share my knowledge and empower people to use the Joy Superpowers to start living more joyfully today.

I’m also the founder of EQJOY, through which we are on a mission to empower the development of children’s emotional intelligence. Many children and adults suffer from mental health challenges. Many of these mental health challenges first appear during teenage years or even before, and we believe that if we can empower pre-teens to develop their emotional intelligence, then they will be better equipped to deal with the challenges life throws at them as they grow up and thrive as adults. The future of our planet is in the hands of our children, so let’s raise them up and empower them to live life to their full potential.

So, if your listeners are seeking joy or desiring a better future for the children of the world, then please send a message or schedule a meeting with me, and I’ll be happy to discuss how I may best serve you and your listeners.

Read more about The Art and Science of Joy and EQJOY.

Andrew Cannon - Bio

Andrew has spent his career building a deep understanding of people’s values, attitudes and behaviors in order to help business people make better decisions. Over the last few years, Andrew has used this knowledge and his research skills to deep-dive into the art and science of joy.
Andrew’s journey in business has taught him many lessons about leadership; about the importance of purpose and people, as well as profits, and about the role joy can play in companies to elevate both personal and business success.

Through his own struggle with depression, Andrew has learned the fundamental truth that without a strong love of self and a sense of authentic belonging, one cannot hope to lead a joy-filled life.

With these experiences and beliefs, Andrew is on a mission to use his passion and his skills to inspire and empower others to live more joyful-filled lives.


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