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We are proud to partner with a fantastic group of experts in order to inspire and empower our Year of Joy community members to harvest more joy in their lives.

Through their unique expertise, each partner brings to the community inspiring content and empowering tips on how to improve one’s sense of wellbeing and one’s sense of belong. How to find one’s purpose and serve others, as well as on how to have fun along the way.

We are very grateful for the contributions each and every one of our partners makes to the community. Please take a moment to discover more about our experts and to click on their links. They might have something you need to grow your joy muscles, so go explore and engage with these wonderful people.

We are proud to partner on the Year of Joy initiative with amazing people, who are experts in one or more of the Joy Superpower’s we are featuring each week.

The Art and Science of Joy team will collaborate with these experts each week to share with the Year of Joy community members their wise words, their inspiring stories and their empowering tips and tricks on how to make use of the Joy Superpower to bring more joy to your life as well as to the lives of others. 

We would like to thank our Joy Superpower Partners from the bottom of our hearts for their generosity and kindness in sharing their wisdom with the Year of Joy community members. Without their joyful contributions the Year of Joy would have remained just a “if only we could” project.

Below you can find an introduction to the first of our Joy Superpower partners. We will be adding to this page as we introduce new Joy Superpower partners throughout the year. 

Rochel Marie Lawson

Holistic wellness, Wisdom-mindset, Wealth building, Women entreprenuers

Rochel Marie Lawson, wellness advocate, entrepreneur, and "Queen of Feeling Fabulous," pioneers in telecom and wellness with a 30-year career.
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Paul Zak's

Neuroscience, Social connection, Immersion

Paul Zak's lab and company innovate for happier, healthier, longer lives through public engagement, books, articles, keynotes, and a free app.
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Natalie Siston

Mental Fitness, Coaching, Leadership Performance, Wellbeing, Relationships, Connection

Natalie Siston, PQ's 'Ninja Nat', enhances mental fitness using neuroscience, inspired by Shirzad Chamine's work. Speaker with 20+ years' experience.
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Karen Golden

Oral Storytelling, Story/ Presentation coaching, Edutainer

Karen Golden, a global storyteller/musician, educates and entertains worldwide with diverse tales, aiming to foster a caring world through storytelling.
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Shannon Hernandez

Joy in the Workplace Culture Consulting, Joy-Fueled Business Growth

Shannon Hernandez, joy advocate and founder of Joyful Business Revolution™, inspires joyful living through media features and loves reading, traveling, and family time.
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Lauren Fritsch

Empowering leaders

Lauren, an advisor and creator of Joy|Money Matrix and Magnetic CX/EX, empowers organizations to enhance joy and revenue.
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Clara Chorley

Executive Leadership Development "Professional Development Career Change Job Satisfaction"

Clara Chorley's 4-Stage Framework empowers leadership growth and professional change through bravery and strategic career transitions.
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Larissa Mills

Coaching, Tech Coaching, Behavioral Sports Consulting

Larissa Mills, founder of The Mental Game Academy, enhances athletes' mental skills and phone habits for peak sports performance globally.
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Deborah Marcia Rubin


Deborah Marcia Rubin: Yogic wisdom meets humor. Empowering change through the Clarity Process—integrating yoga, breathwork, and meditation for personal evolution.
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Kelli Swanson Jaecks

Women’s Hormonal Health, Menopausal Women in the Workplace, Resilience, Burn-out Prevention, Change Readiness

Kelli Swanson Jaecks, self-care strategist, author, and speaker, empowers teams and individuals to conquer burn-out and embrace total health.
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Linda Cohen


Linda Cohen champions kindness to transform corporate culture, enhancing recruitment, morale, and combating burnout.
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Charlie Cooper

Front-End Dev

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary.
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Doug Keith

Market Researcher

Doug Keith combines curiosity and creativity in his multifaceted career, from public broadcasting to empowering youth through workshops on career exploration.
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Nick Elston

Mental Health, Inspirational Speaker, Speaking Coach

Nick Elston, a top inspirational speaker on mental health, transforms adversity into powerful, actionable insights through brutal honesty and engaging talks.
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Rob Volpe


Rob Volpe, empathy expert and CEO of Ignite 360, champions compassion in marketing and workplaces. Author of an empathy-focused book.
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Toni Warner

Trauma, anxiety and stress reduction; relationship and success optimization for individuals and systems

Dr. Toni, a psychotherapist and mentor, empowers through science and soul, offering strategies for balance, mental health, and relational fulfillment.
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