Joy Superpowers – A recipe for Joy

A big thank you to everyone who was able to attend our session on the Recipe for Joy at the Insights Association’s Annual Conference 2022!

There was great energy in the room and the session sparked lots of conversations around how we can collaborate to bring more joy to the lives of others as well as to ourselves. Here are just some ways you can continue your joy journey with us here at the Art and Science of Joy:

Take the Joy Barometer

If you haven’t already done so, you can get take the Joy Barometer survey and get your very own Joy Scorecard by clicking on the text below:

Take the Joy Barometer and find out your level of Joy

And if you have already taken the survey and received your own Joy Scorecard, please use the card to regularly check in with yourself on your own path of joy.

Watch the presentation slides


If you couldn’t make the session or loved it so much you want to watch the slides again, you can either watch this animated version or click here to download the pdf version of the presentation.

Participate in the Year of Joy project


Do you want to be part of a group dedicated to walking the talk when it comes to joy and take part in our project to empirically demonstrate the power of Joy?

There are many opportunities to get involved with this fantastic project, whether that’s as a participant, a partner or a volunteer. Get in touch to get involved or to simply find out more.

Support the development of children’s emotional intelligence


Through EQJOY, we are on a mission to raise children’s EQ, something of fundamental importance more now than ever.

Again, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in this wonderful initiative, so if the mission resonates with you, please get in touch.

Bring more joy to the lives of your employees


Through the Joy Superpowers Workshop Program we can help leaders increase their employee’s wellbeing and their level of engagement leading to higher retention and better business results.

Click here to find out more about the program

Get in touch and let’s collaborate


Thank you for attending the IA Annual Conference and for your interest in Joy. We’d love to carry on the conversation and explore how we could best collaborate, so please get in touch via the form below or schedule a meeting via this link.

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