Meet Our Guests

Patrick Aylward

In episode 13 of the Joy Superpowers podcast, I'm talking with Patrick Aylward about the Joy Superpower of Collaboration. Patrick used to be a courtroom lawyer and mediator, who is now an author on a mission to change the world by creating a global culture of collaboration. His book, the Collaborative Path, introduces a collaborative model to replace the generally used debate format. The model provides an easy to learn, and easy to use six step process to change the leadership conversation. During this episode, we are discussing topics such as: why is collaboration so important nowadays, collaboration in the workplace, challenges organizations face while trying to build a collaborative workplace and different approaches/styles to decision making, and relationship between collaboration and conflict. Listen to the episode here!

Larissa Mills

In episode 12 of the Joy Superpowers podcast, Larissa Mills talks about the Joy Superpower of pre-empting trouble with children. Larissa is the founder of and also a parent, teacher, coach and educational consultant. 10 years ago, Larissa, as a teacher found a link between increased negative behavior and children's cell phone use - she has researched in depth this topic about children's unwanted behaviour and mobile phone use. She has created strategies and tips for parents when it comes to parenting, and want to help children's future to be as bright as possible. During this episode, we are discussing topics such as how smartphones affect the behaviour of children, different approaches to parenting and parenting styles, hobbies of children and how do freetime activities affect the child's behaviour. Listen to the episode here!

Andy Storch

Andy Storch is an author, consultant, coach, speaker, and facilitator on a mission to inspire more employees to own their careers and achieve their goals. Andy is also the founder and host of the Talent Development Think Tank conference and community. Andy is passionate about helping people fulfill their true potential and his book, Own Your Career Own Your Life, is designed to help people stop drifting and take control of their futures. Most importantly, Andy is a husband, father and friend who is on a mission to get the absolute most out of life and inspire others to do the same. During the episode, we discuss topics such as: What does getting the most out of life mean,The key paths to becoming more intentional and more self-directed, and Self-direction as one of the most important aspects of maintaining work motivation Self-direction and career. Listen to the episode here!

Erica Hornthal

Erica is known as the therapist who moves you and is a board-certified dance/movement therapist and licensed clinical professional counsellor. Erica is the founder and CEO of Chicago Dance Therapy and creator of the Dance Therapy Advocates Summit. During the episode, Erica tells us everything about Dance Movement Therapy, its health benefits, how do Music and Dance influence each other and what is the connection of mental health and body. Listen to the episode here!

Kim Jocelyn Dickson

Kim is a teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the classroom. She’s also the author of “The Invisible Toolbox:The Power of Reading to Your Child from Birth to Adolescence ”. Her love for reading has inspired her to write numerous articles in psychology and literature. During the episode, Kim talks about the relationship between technology and reading, Ways in which reading can enhance your life satisfaction and The importance of reading to your children. Listen to the episode here!

Victor Perton, Nóirín Mosley and Jenny Boymal

Victor, Nóirín and Jenny are all developers of Project Optimism, a non-profit that's focused on spreading optimism worldwide. Their first program ‘Habits of an Optimist’ was released in 2020 and is freely available as a fun, engaging and practical learning tool to help people feel more optimistic. During the episode they discuss topics such as: The relationship between optimism and realism, How to learn to be an optimist, How to remain optimistic with media pushing negativity daily, Our guests' favorite tips for developing optimism. Listen to the episode here!

Ben Page

Ben is a forest therapy guide who's been guiding therapy walks since 2015. He's the founder of Shinrin Yoku LA and Integral Forest Bathing, as well as the author of "Healing Trees: Your Pocket Guide to Forest Bathing". Ben has been featured in major magazines like Women’s Health, USA TODAY, Good Morning America, The Washington Post, and WebMD. In episode 7 of the Joy Superpowers podcast, Ben talks about being in nature, with a special focus on forest bathing. During my chat with Ben, we discuss how to rediscover our innate connection with nature, what forest bathing is and what are its benefits, as well as how to love nature unconditionally. Listen to the episode here!

Nick Elston

Nick is one of the leading Inspirational Speakers on the Lived Experience of Mental Health. He's also a Transformational Speaking Coach and Mentor, specializing in Unique Mental Health Engagement and Emotional Storytelling. In episode 6 of the Joy Superpowers podcast, Nick talks about how anxiety keeps us in a comfort zone and how to step out of it, general symptoms to spot, strategies on improving mental health, struggling with confidence and self-esteem, and how to express more vulnerability. We also learn what Nick's famous line "Every storm runs out of rain" stands for. Listen to the episode here!

Paulette Dale, Ph.D

Paulette is a professor in linguistics and communication whose work concentrates on empowering people, especially women, to speak with confidence. She's the author of "Did You Say Something, Susan?" and she's got recognition of her work on the floor of the United States Congress. She's also known for having complimented Donald Trump's smile on a live broadcast. In episode 5 of the Joy Superpowers podcast, we discuss with Paulette how language and communication can impact well-being, why women and men speak differently ,and how to become heard through assertive communication. Listen to the episode here!

Mel Schwartz

Mel is a psychotherapist, marriage counsellor, author, two-time TEDx speaker, podcaster and a leadership consultant. He is also one of the first contemporary practising psychotherapists to include the basic principles of quantum theory into therapeutic approaches. In the fourth episode of the Joy Superpowers series, Mel chats about the concepts of authentic self-esteem and other esteem, authenticity in relation to self-awareness and leadership, as well as curiosity and connecting with each other. Listen to the episode here!

Daman Philip

Daman is Founder & CEO of The Life Experts, an ICF Certified Coach and a Coach Transformation Academy certified senior professional Relationship coach. She is also a member of the Academy for Coaches and a member of the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals. In episode 3 of The Joy Superpowers show, Daman discusses the common causes of conflicts in relationships, techniques to dealing with them, and how to avoid them altogether. She also touches on gender differences in conflict-resolution styles. Listen to the episode here!

David Intrator

David studied music theory and composition, as well as physics at Harvard, and has had a long and illustrious career as a Creative Director in the world of advertising. He is the Founder of the Creative Organization, as well as Founder and President of Smarter Storytelling. In the second episode of The Joy Superpowers series, David discusses creativity and storytelling, and how they relate to business, finding yourself and our lives in general. He also shares valuable tips for starting your creative process, no matter what it is! Listen to the episode here!

Chris Schembra

Chris is the bestselling author of "Gratitude and Pasta: The Secret Sauce for Human Connection". USA Today calls him their "Gratitude Guru", and he's a Founding Member of Rolling Stone's Culture Council, as well as the Founder of the 7:47 Gratitude Experience. Recently, Chris was honored as one of “6 Successful Men Smashing the Mental Health Stigma” by Good Men Project. In the 1st episode of the Joy Superpowers series, Chris talks about topics such as the connection between empathy and gratitude, the transformational power of gratitude and the role of gratitude at work. Listen to the episode here!

Katja Cahoon

Katja is a consumer insights professional turned psychotherapist. Her passion in life is to empower others to grow, change, and find meaning and joy. In episode 10 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful Living series, Katja shares her tips for taking better care of our mental health, especially in the context of our work lives. Katja reminds us to have the courage to follow our passions. Listen to the episode here!

Rachel Cole

Rachel Cole is an award-winning musician, business owner, and founder of a non-profit organization. In episode 8 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful Living, Rachel shares her top tips on choosing happiness and encourages us all to create our own happiness toolbox. She reminds us that happiness is not all about rainbows and unicorns, and that choosing to be happy can be hard work at times and that’s okay. Listen to the episode here!

Nakula Das

Nakula is Sexual Alchemist Trainer and life coach. In episode 7 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful Living, Nakula takes us on an exploration of sexual alchemy and the purpose of life. Listen to the episode here!

Melanie Ekholdt

Melanie is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, film director creator of Melanie Ekholdt World, a new digital gallery for her creative productions. In episode 6 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful Living, she talks about her film, In Love with Craziness, and share her thoughts on the need for more love in our system, whether that's healthcare, educational or community systems. Melanie talks passionately about the need for more friendship love in the world. Listen to the episode here!

Karin Lilleberg

Karin is a yoga teacher and spiritual seeker, who is on the quest to discover why are we “here”? Karin has completed numerous teacher trainings from hatha and vinyasa yoga to Kundalini and mediation. In episode 5 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful Living, she talks about overcome addictive behaviours and healing. Karin shares words of wisdom from her own life experiences as well as her teachings, and explains how yoga can be a transformational force in our lives. Listen to the episode here!

Nicole Jansen

Nicole is a Strategic Business Advisor, Transformation Coach, Master Facilitator and Speaker, as well as a Leadership Podcast Host Nicole is Founder & Podcast Host at Leaders Of Transformation, as well as CEO & Founder at Discover The Edge. In episode 4 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful Living, Nicole shares her wisdom on being a successful podcast host and talks with about transformation and service. She shares inspirational stories from a few of the 370 plus leaders of transformation she has had on her own podcast. Listen to the episode here!

Karine Finne

Karine is the co-founder of YogaHaven AS in Oslo, Norway. She's a spiritual coach, sound healer and yoga instructor as well as a Leadership by Heart mastercoach and CEO at Waterstone Norway. In episode 3 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful living, Karine shares her wisdom on the art of growth and personal wellbeing. Topics of discussion include purpose, courage, balancing female and male energy, and sound vibrations. Karine also talks about the wonderful work she is undertaking to empower women and sustainable development in Kenya. Listen to the episode here!

David Christner

David Christner is a Digital, Mental & Energy Growth Hacker. In episode 2 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful living, Chris discusses the power of architypes and what you get when you combine an eternal child with a magician. Listen to the episode here!

Rikke Alfheim Horn

Rikke is a co-founder and the spiritual mother Quandrum. In episode 1 of Quandrum's Art of Joyful Living, she talks about the origins of Quandrum and the importance of having fun in our lives. Listen to the episode here!