Welcome to EQJOY!

We are excited and proud to introduce EQJOY.

The EQJOY card game will be officially available in early 2022, so watch this space for more information on the launch, or read on to find out more about the initiative.

The EQJOY card game and accompanying online Emotion Explorer support children’s emotional intelligence (EQ) development through the power of play. The game is aimed at children aged 7 to 11, but older children and adults may also have fun developing their EQ with this game. Click here to visit the EQJOY website

Tips and tools for developing children’s EQ

Discussing emotions and helping children learn to identify, understand and manage emotions is not easy. Our aim is to help you with this and to make it into something interesting, fun and collective. On the EQJOY website, you’ll find more tips and recommendations.

EQ is important to develop at a young age

Developing emotional intelligence has several benefits. Research shows that emotional intelligent children are socially competent, good at regulating behavior and perform well academically. Further, emotional intelligence is also linked to good mental health. Click here to read more about the science behind the EQJOY game

Playing the EQJOY card game

There are several different ways to play the EQJOY card game, so it suits most children and keeps their interest. The Emotion Explorer can be used while playing the card game, whenever you need some information or advice relating to emotions, or if you run short of fun activities to do with your children. Click here to find out more


EQJOY is a not-for-profit project that is a part of the broader Art and Science of Joy initiative. Our mission is to help children build emotional intelligence (EQ), and live more joyful lives. Click here to find out more

Contact us to find out more

Are you interested in finding out more about the EQJOY project?  Would you like to get involved? In particular we are currently seeking distribution partners in the US, but welcome other partnership enquiries. Click here to find out more and contact us