The Art and Science of Joy

This podcast is here to give you inspiration to lead a more joy-filled life. Enjoy and share the joy!

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Join us in our latest podcast episode with Rena Whittaker, Founder and President of BeingTribal! Discover the transformative power of community as Rena shares her insights on building strong, supportive connections and the profound impact they have on personal and professional growth. Learn effective strategies for leadership, philanthropy, and fostering a sense of belonging.
Join us in this enlightening podcast episode as Tanya Pinto, a seasoned marketer and humanitarian, shares transformative insights on volunteering. Discover the profound benefits of volunteer work, learn practical tips to get started, and be inspired by Tanya’s journey from leading global marketing strategies to founding a charity that supports thousands of children. Whether you're...
Step into the transformative world of embracing change with Deborah Marcia Rubin in our enlightening podcast episode. With over fifty years as a devoted yogi and an innovative entrepreneur, Deborah brings a treasure trove of wisdom to the table. Her life's work revolves around the Clarity Process, a unique blend of intuitive inquiry, yoga, breathwork,...

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