The Quandrum Art of Joyful Living Series – Episode 10 – Katja Cahoon

Podcast Recap

In episode 10 of the Quandrum Art of Joyful Living series, I talk with psychotherapist Katja Cahoon about emotional well-being.

Katja shares her tips for taking better care of our mental health, especially in the context of our work lives. Katja reminds us to have the courage to follow our passions.

We hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of the Art and Science of Joy Podcast. If you’re seeking a bit more joy in your own life or seeking to bring some more joy to the lives of others then please subscribe to the podcast for more inspiration on living a joy-filled life.

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The Art and Science of Joy host

Andrew Cannon

Andrew has spent his career building a deep understanding of people’s values, attitudes and behaviors in order to help business people make better decisions. Over the last few years, Andrew has used this knowledge and his research skills to deep-dive into the art and science of joy.
Andrew’s journey in business has taught him many lessons about leadership; about the importance of purpose and people, as well as profits, and about the role joy can play in companies to elevate both personal and business success.