Meet the Art and Science of Joy Team

Andrew Cannon


Andrew’s background in consumer insights has given him a deep understanding of people’s values, attitudes and behaviors; knowledge which he is now applying to exploring the Art and Science of Joy and EQJOY.

Andrew’s journey in business has taught him many lessons about leadership; about the importance of purpose and people, as well as profits, and about the natural role joy has to play in the business world. Through his own struggle with depression, Andrew has learned the fundamental truth that without a strong love of self, one cannot hope to lead a joy-filled life.

With these experiences and beliefs, Andrew is determined to use his passion and his skills to help inspire and empower others to live more joyfully.

Debby Schlesinger-Hellman

Debby’s background in business has given her experience in coaching, mentoring and building teams. She is currently interested in bringing that knowledge along with new learnings to advance more joy to both individuals as well as teams. During Debby’s time developing leaders she has found that people are searching for more belonging and a sense of purpose in their everyday life, including the workplace.

Building emotional intelligence with children through the EQJOY Game will allow youngsters to grow into much healthier and happy adults. This is the goal with EQJOY. With this knowledge

Debby is passionate about helping others find a path to that more joy- filled life, looking to have a positive impact on many.

Lina Nyberg

I have worked with horse most of my life. As I saw and felt how much emotions affect learning and the connection between beings, I wanted to learn more. Further, becoming a mother roughly 9 years ago woke my fascination with the developing human mind. 

That led me to study mindfulness and emotional skills, and then also Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki, where I am currently in my 5th and last year. It seems that the more I learn about education, learning and human psychology, the more I believe that emotional intelligence is essential. For me, emotional intelligence is basically about awareness, acceptance and compassion, things that we all can learn. And all of which we need more of in today’s world!

Kelly Knowles

Kelly’s lifelong interest in the arts, world culture, and understanding the human experience led Kelly to pursue a master’s degree in museum studies. Kelly believes in the transformative power of storytelling, that expressing who we are as people and what matters to us brings communities together and builds understanding and empathy, which are needed now more than ever.

Inspired by the way museums educate and engage visitors through exploration, play, and interactive and immersive experiences, Kelly is exploring ways to use these modes of learning to support people in their personal growth and wellbeing.

Kelly is delighted to bring her skills and experience to The Art and Science of Joy to help inspire and empower people to live more joy-filled lives.

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